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Believe and You will Achieve! - MENTA Business Talk 'Tuesday 11th July 2017

This afternoon was so inspiring and interesting! It was such a pleasure to be involved in the start-up business talk at the University of Suffolk for Menta. Talking to the Realise Futures team was such a priviledge while helping to represent my mum's amazing business (Bertie Green FLorist) !

Everything you do in life is a journey. there is always a beginning and an end. Starting it is always going to be an up-hill battle, but once you're moving it gets easier. Each step brings you closer to that desired end result!

We are on this continuous journey where:

every facebook like,

every follower,

and every new wedding...

is our step forward to helping make so many couple's big days very special!

Believe and you will achieve!

Lucy x x

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