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Payment Terms


A deposit of 25% of the balance is due at the time of the booking. Until the deposit has been paid we cannot secure the date. We will contact you should there be an enquiry for the same date as your wedding. The remainder is due 14 days prior to the wedding.


Payment Methods


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Terms and Conditions


1. If you would like us to do your flowers but are unsure of your requirements, we would ask for £100 deposit to secure your date. We can then discuss your floral ideas at a later date. 

2. Quotes will only be valid for thirty days from the date stated on the quotation.(unless you have confirmed a booking). If we haven't heard from you within thirty days, we will assume that you would not like to book with us.


3. Payment terms are according to the invoice.


4. Due to the seasonal nature of flowers and variety availability, we cannot guarantee a particular flower variety. Should we not be able to source any specific variety we will substitute a flower of a similar variety and colour.


5. Final payment is due 14 days prior to the wedding. If payment is not received the flowers cannot be ordered and the item designed and delivered.


6. Cancellation policy: If you cancel your wedding flowers the following refund policy applies:


a. The deposit is not refundable.


b. If full payment has been made and cancellation occurs within 4 weeks of the wedding we will refund 50% of the full cost.


c. If full payment has been made and cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of the wedding we will refund 25% of the full cost.


d. If full payment has been made and cancellation occurs within 1 week of the wedding no refund is payable.


7.  If amendments are requested within additions to the quotation or removal of specific items the balance will be adjusted accordingly and a replacement invoice issued.


8. The flowers and any sundry items shall remain the property of Bertie Green Florist, until payment has been received.


9. Vases and containers are supplied on a loan basis only and at no stage are owned by the client.


10. All vases and containers that are hired from Bertie Green Florist are subject to a hire charge. If the vases and containers have not been returned in a good state you will be charged for breakage.


11. Wedding flowers may be photographed for use on Bertie Green Florist promotion material, unless specifically stated otherwise by the client.


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